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For Children

Programs and services especially for children.
  • Bookworm 2 ImgSummer Reading Program
  • Annual Themed Pajama Party
  • Children's Book Week, yearly in May
    • Special Programming
  • Class tours for preschool through Junior High students
  • Computer time!
    • All children who have not completed 4th grade are welcome to the Early Literacy Stations in our Children's area.
    • Children who have completed 4th grade  may sign-up for internet time after they have returned a completed parent permission form (available at the Front Desk).
    • All children with library cards may check out iPads with PBS Kids & games. iPads are provided by the Ready for School iniative of IPTV. (iPads have a locked internet connection and must be used in the library.)
  • Story time: Every Tuesday morning from 10:30-11 am.
  • Winter Break @ Your Library
    • Make & Take
    • Movie


Attention Child Care Providers & Children's Services Organizations:

Please contact Ellie Krousieto be included on our Upcoming Children's Programing email list!




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