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Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access.

There are 6 public access computers available at Robey Memorial Library: Computers

  • All computers have Microsoft Office 10, including Excel, internet browsers, and other software.
  • Patrons can use a computer once per day for up to a maximum of 2 hours time block. Computers are available for use during library hours -- all computers are shutdown 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Children may only use the AWE learning computers located in the Children's area.
  • Wireless internet connection available!WiFi



  • Black & White computer prints are $0.15 per page.
  • Color computer prints are $0.50 per page.
  • All prints are held in queue until patrons have completed their computer session.  Payment is due upon printing.
  • Patrons are responsible for all pages printed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our network does not allow for wireless printing.  Patrons are welcome to sign up to use one of Robey Memorial Library's pubic access computers to print.  Please see our Computer and Internet Policy for time restrictions and procedures.