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Alexandria Renew

  • First, you must identify yourself at the Log In window by entering your library barcode number and Password (last name, the first time you login). Login information is never shown on the screen, all you will see are filler characters or asterisks.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please contact us and we will reset your password to your last name.
  • Once you are logged, you'll see the Researcher's Patron Information window.
  • The Activity tab allows you to renew some (or all) of your currently checked out items.
  • To renew an item, select (highlight) it from the Items Out tab and then click the Renew button at the bottom of the page. If a renewal is allowed, a new Due Date will be shown in the pop up window. If the renewal was not allowed, a window appears explaining why the renewal failed. Renewals are rejected if there is a hold pending for the title.

alexandria renew