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Placing Holds

A patron who places a hold on an item is alerted when a copy of the title becomes available. If an item is currently available, an in-stock hold is placed. Otherwise, a standard hold request is placed.

Step-by-Step: Placing a Hold via the Researcher Workstation

  • Select the Place Hold Place hold link from the Full results list or click the Place Hold Place hold button from a selected Item Details window.
  1. If you're not already logged in, enter your User ID and Password. [If you have forgotten your password, please contact us and we will reset the password for you.]
  2. If an item is available for in-stock hold, a confirmation window will appear, informing you that your item is available and will be held at the Front Desk for 4 days. Click Okay to close the window.
  3. If an item is not available, a confirmation window will appear informing you that the item will be held when it becomes available followed by the date that the hold request expires. Library staff will notify you when the item is available for you. [Please check to see if your phone number and/or email is current.]

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