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July 2007 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new adult books and new video & audio materials.

Bachman, Richard-Blaze [Cassette]
Bonham, Frank-Fort Hogan [Large Print]
Delinsky, Barbara-Facets
Eugenides, Jeffrey-Middlesex [Oprah’s Book Club]
Feehan, Christine-Safe harbor
Galsworthy, John-One more river [CD]
Grenville, Kate-The secret river [Cassette]
Griffin, W.E.B.-The double agents [Hardcover and Cassette]
Hamill, Pete-North River:  a novel [Cassette]
Hood, Ann-The knitting circle [CD]
Hope, Christopher-My mother’s lovers
Jackson, Lisa-Absolute fear [Large Print]
Jungersen, Christian-The exception:  a novel
Miller, Linda Lael-A wanted man:  a Stone Creek novel
Muller, Marcia-The ever-running man
Overholser, Wayne D.-Fight for the valley [Large Print]
Patterson, James-The quickie:  a novel
Pearson, Ridley-Killer weekend
Penny, Stef-The tenderness of wolves
Pinter, Jason-The mark [paperback]
Richards, Emilie-Touching stars
Roberts, Nora-High noon
See, Lisa-Peony in love:  a novel
Steel, Danielle-Bungalow 2
Weis, Margaret-Dragons of the highlord skies
Wilhelm, Kate-Defense for the devil [Cassette]

615.5  MAY    Mayo Clinic book of alternative medicine
617.7  ALL    All about your eyes
641.5  WEI    Weight Watchers easy weeknight favorites
745.1   KOV    Kovel’s American collectibles 1900-2000

B  BIN        Simpson, William-The prince:  the secret story of the world’s most intriguing royal Prince Bandar Bin                            Sultan
B  NOV    Novak, Robert D.-The prince of darkness:  50 years reporting in Washington
B  WOO    Woodruff, Bob-In an instant:  a family’s journey of love and healing [Cassette]