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August 2007 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new adult books, video & audio materials

Allen, Sarah Addison-Garden spells
Brooks, Terry-The elves of Cintra
Brown, Sandra-Play dirty
Burke, Alafair-Dead connection
Burke, James Lee-The tin roof blowdown: a Dave Robicheaux novel
Coleridge, Nicholas-A much married man
Cook, Robin-Critical
Crawford, Isis-A catered Valentine’s Day:  a mystery with recipes
Daheim, Mary-Scots on the rocks:  a bed-and-breakfast mystery
Davidson, Diane Mott-Sweet revenge
Davis, Max-Luke’s passage:  a novel
Deveraux, Jude-Someone to love
Drucker, Eugene-The savior:  a novel
Fforde, Jasper-Thursday Next in First among sequels:  a novel [Hardcover and Cassette]
Fletcher, Susan-Oystercatchers
Gaffney, Patricia-Mad dash:  a novel
Gayle, Stephanie-My summer of Southern discomfort
Gingrich, Newt-Pearl Harbor:  a novel of December 8th
Gruber, Michael-The book of air and shadows
Howard, Linda-Up close and dangerous:  a novel
Jance, Judith A.-Justice denied
Kaminsky, Stuart M.-The dead don’t lie:  an Abe Lieberman mystery
Kellerman, Faye-The burnt house
Kingsbury, Karen-Summer
Kozak, Harley Jane-Dead ex:  a novel
Laurens, Stephanie-The taste of innocence
Lourie, Richard-A hatred for tulips
Macomber, Debbie-74 Seaside Avenue
Maron, Margaret-Hard row
McCaffrey, Anne-Third watch:  Acorna’s children
McCall Smith, Alexander-The careful use of compliments
Medlicott, Joan A.-An unexpected family [Large Print]
Michaels, Fern-Up close and personal
Mitchard, Jacquelyn-Still summer
Palwick, Susan-Shelter
Penny, Louise-A fatal grace [CD]
Pronzini, Bill-Savages:  a nameless detective novel
Reichs, Kathy-Bones to ashes
Rendell, Ruth-The water’s lovely:  a novel
Rice, Luanne-What matters most
Rivers, Francine-The scribe:  a novella
Roberts, Gregory David-Shantaram [CD]
Silva, Daniel-The secret servant
Slaughter, Karin-Beyond reach
Snelling, Lauraine-Sophie’s dilemma
Sofer, Dalia-The Septembers of Shiraz
Turtledove, Harry-Settling accounts:  in at the death
Watson, Jules-The dawn stag

133.8  BRO Browne, Sylvia-Psychic children:  revealing the intuitive gifts and hidden abilities of boys and girls
305.2  CRA Crandell, Susan-Thinking about tomorrow:  reinventing yourself at midlife
327.73  BRZ Brzezinski, Zbigniew-Second chance:  three presidents and the crisis of American superpower
332.024  KHA  Zero debt for college grads:  from student loans to financial freedom
362.1  KES  Dancing with Rose:  finding life in the land of Alzheimer’s [Cassette]
362.88  ABA  Stealing your life:  the ultimate identify theft prevention plan
641.5  CLE Clegg, Holly Berkowitz-Holly Clegg’s trim & terrific diabetic cookbook
658  SOL Solie-Johnson, Kris-How to set up your own small business [2 vols]
688.7  AUG Augustyniak, J. Michael-Barbie Doll around the world:  identification & values 1964-2007
748.2  FLO Florence, Gene-Collector’s encyclopedia of Depression glass, 18th ed.
745.1  KOV Kovel, Ralph M.-Kovel’s antiques & collectibles price list for the 2007 market, 39th ed.
745.1  SCH Schroeder’s antiques price guide, 26th ed.
748.2  FLO Florence, Gene-Collectible glassware from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, 9th ed.
796.8  KRE Kreidler, Mark-Four days to glory:  wrestling with soul of the American heartland

B  CLA  Weber, Nicholas Fox-The Clarks of Cooperstown:  their Singer sewing    machine fortune, their great and influential art collections, their forty-year feud
B  KAL Kalish, Mildred Armstrong-Little heathens:  hard times and high spirits on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression
B  ALC Matteson, John-Eden’s outcast:  the story of Louisa May Alcott and her father
B  CLI Garth, Jeff-Her way:  the hopes and ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton