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May 2008 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial's new adult books

Robey Memorial Library
May 2008
Adult Acquisition List

Adamson, Gil-The outlander
Allen, Sarah Addison-The sugar queen
Bausch, Richard-Peace
Brotherton, Mike-Spider star
Cornwell, Patricia-The front
Deveraux, Jude-Secrets
Dickson, Athol-Winter haven
Emery, Anne-Barrington Street Blues
Enger, Leif-So brave, young, and handsome
Erdrich, Louise-The plague of doves
Estleman, Loren D.-Frames: a Valentino mystery
Fforde, Katie-Practically perfect
Fonseca, Isabel-Attachment
George, Elizabeth-Careless in red
Gross, Andrew-The dark tide
Hay, Elizabeth-Late nights on air: a novel
Hawley, Ellen-Open line: a novel
Hustvedt, Siri-The sorrows of an American
Jacques, Brian-Eulalia!
King, Peter-Hangman’s corner
Koontz, Dean R.-Odd hours
Logan, Chuck-South of Shiloh: a thriller
Lovesey, Peter-The headhunters
Lutz, Lisa-Curse of the Spellmans
Macomber, Debbie-Twenty wishes
Margolin, Philip-Executive privilege
Medwed, Mameve-Of men and their mothers
Meyer, Stephenie-The host:  a novel
Noble, Elizabeth-Things I want my daughters to know
Patterson, James-Sundays at Tiffany’s
Perry, Thomas-Fidelity
Price, Richard-Lush life
Rose, Karen-Scream for me
Rosen, Elisabeth Payne-Hallam’s war
Rosenberg, Joel C.-Dead heat
Salvatore, R. A.-The ancient
Sanford, John-Phantom prey
Sarvas, Mark-Harry, revised a novel
Schutt, Christine-All souls
Scott, Manda-The crystal skull
Smith, Tom Rob-Child 44
Snow, Arianna-Threaded needles:  a novel
Trollope, Joanna-Friday nights: a novel
Wall, Kathryn-The Mercy Oak
Weiner, Jennifer-Certain girls a novel
Weir, Alison-The lady Elizabeth: a novel
Wolfe, Inger Ash-The calling

NON-FICTION:  (Dewey call number follows the title)
Goldwater, Barry M.-Pure Goldwater [973.92 GOL]
Hamilton, Marci-Justice denied what America must do to protect its children [345 HAM]
Hasbrouck, Edward-The practical nomad:  how to travel around the world [910 HAS]
Lindbergh, Reeve-Forward from here leaving middle age—and other unexpected adventures [305.2 LIN]
Mistaken identity two families, one survivor, unwavering hope [920 MIS]