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January 2009 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new adult books and new video materials

Robey Memorial Library
January 2009
Adult Acquisition List

Box, C. J.-Three weeks to say goodbye
Brockman, Suzanne-Dark of night
Bunn, T. Davis -The centurion’s wife
Cornwell, Bernard-Agincourt
Dekker, Ted-Kiss
Evanovich, Janet-Plum spooky
Garwood, Julie-Fire and ice
Griffin, W.E.B.-Black ops
Grisham, John-The associate
Hooper, Kay-Blood sins
King, Stephen-Just after sunset stories
Kingsbury, Karen-Every now & then
Krentz, Jayne Ann-Running hot
Maguire, Gregory-A lion among men
McCullough, Colleen-the independence of Miss Mary Bennet
Medlicott, Joan A.-Promises of change
Morris, Gilbert-Joelle’s secret
O’Connell, Carol-Bone by bone
O’Shaughnessy, Perri-Show no fear
Parrish, Christa-Home another way [Large Print]
Patterson, Richard North-Eclipse: a novel
Perry, Thomas-Runner
Shepherd, Linda E.-The secret’s in the sauce [Large Print]
Weiss, Margaret-Bones of the dragon
Weitz, Patricia-College girl
Wiggs, Susan-Fireside [Paperback]
Woods, Stuart-Mounting fears

NON-FICTION:  [Dewey call number follows the title]
Epic surge: eastern Iowa’s unstoppable flood of 2008 [977.7 EPI] and {DVD 977.7 EPI]
Gladwell, Malcolm-Outliers: the story of success [302 GLA]
King, Charles Monroe-A journal for Jordan [956.7 KIN]
Leary, Dennis-Why we suck: a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid [814 LEA]
Lewis, Cathleen-Rex, a mother, her autistic child, and the music [B LEW]
Ray, Rachael-Rachael Ray’s big orange book [641.5 RAY]
Shlaes, Amity-The forgotten man: a new history of the Great Depression [973.91 SHL]
Sentimental reflections [DVD 917 SEN 2008]
Tavakoli, Janet M.-Dear Mr. Buffett, what an investor learns 1,269 miles from Wall Street [332.6 TAV]