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April 2009 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new books for adult readers

Robey Memorial Library
April 2009 
Adult Acquisition List


Ahern, Cecelia-Thanks for the memories
Albert, Susan Wittig-Wormwood
Archer, Jeffrey-Paths of glory
Baldacci, David-First family
Barr, Nevada-Borderline
Bazell, Josh-Beat the reaper: a novel
Berg, Elizabeth-Home safe: a novel
Brennert, Alan-Honolulu
Brooke, P. J.-Blood wedding
Chiaverini, Jennifer-The lost quilter
Child, Lincoln-Terminal freeze: a novel
Clark, Carol Higgins-Cursed: a Regan Reilly mystery
Clark, Mary Higgins-Just take my heart
Cleave, Chris-Little Bee
Coben, Harlan-Long lost
Dallas, Sandra-Prayers for sale
Davidson, Diane Mott-Fatally flaky
Dekker, Ted-BoneMan’s daughters
Deveraux, Jude-Lavender morning
Elliott, Elissa-Eve: a novel of the first woman
Fielding, Joy-Still life: a novel
Fredrickson, Jack-Honestly dearest, you’re dead
Graves, Sarah-A face at the window
Hall, Barbara-The music teacher: a novel
Hart, Carolyn G.-Dare to die: a Death on Demand mystery
Hatcher, Robin Lee-When love blooms
Jackson, Lisa-Malice
Jenoff, Pam-Almost home
Johansen, Iris-Deadlock
Kellerman, Jonathan-True detectives: a novel
Kernan, Marjorie-The ballad of West Tenth Street
McCall Smith, Alexander-Tea time for the traditionally built
McDermid, Val-A darker domain: a novel
McGowan, Kathleen-The book of love
Morgan, C.E.-All the living
Morris, Mary McGarry-The last secret: a novel
Mosley, Walter-The long fall
Patterson, James-The 8th confession
Penny, Louise-A rule against murder
Perry, Anne-Execution dock: a novel
Peterson, Tracie-A love to last forever
Quick, Amanda-The perfect poison
Quinn, Spencer-Don on it: a Chet and Bernie mystery
Rice, Luanne-The geometry of sisters
Roberts, Nora-Vision in white
Robinson, Peter-All the colors of darkness
Ross, Ann B.-Miss Julia delivers the goods
Sargent, Colin-Museum of human beings
Seitz, Nicole A.-A hundred years of happiness [Large Print]
Shaffer, Louise-Serendipity: a novel
Scottoline, Lisa-Look again
Tatlock, Ann-The returning
Umrigar, Thrity N.-The weight of heaven: a novel
Ure, Louise-Liars anonymous
White, Randy Wayne-Dead silence
Wingate, Lisa-Word gets around [Large Print]
Woods, Stuart-Loitering with intent
Yates, Richard-Revolutionary road

NON-FICTION:  [Dewey call number follows the title]

Amen, Daniel G.-Magnificent mind at any age [612.8 AME]
Bourke, Anthony-A lion called Christian
Bradshaw, John-Reclaiming virtue [170 BRA]
Campbell, Phyllis Ann-Iowa farm memories [B CAM]
Chain-free crochet made easy [746.43 CHA]
Dickinson, Amy-The mighty queens of Freeville [B DIC]
Ehrman, Bart D.-Jesus, interrupted [220.6 HER]
Fodor’s 2009 Las Vegas [917.93 LAS]
Ferguson, Niall-The ascent of money [330 FER]
Meyer, Joyce-100 ways to simplify your life [248.8 MEY]
Moore, Mary Tyler-Growing up again [B MOO]
Mostert, Noel-The line upon a wind [940.2 MOS]
Osmond, Marie-Might as well laugh about it now [B OSM]
Pickeral, Tamsin-The horse lover’s bible [636.1 PIC]
Weidemann, Dennis-This water goes north [797.1 WEI]