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January 2010 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new adult print and audio books and video materials

Robey Memorial Library
January 2010 
Adult Acquisition List

Balogh, Mary-A matter of class
Baumbich, Charlene Ann-A matter of class [Large Print]
Beaton, M. C.-Death of a valentine
Bennett, Robert Jackson-Mr. Shivers
Bruen, Ken-London Boulevard
Bunn, T. Davis and Janet Oke-The hidden flame
Card, Orson Scott-Hidden Empire
Chevalier, Tracy-Remarkable creatures
Christie, Julie Place-Gone to green [Large Print]
Clark, Carol Higgins-Cursed [Digital Audio]
Cornwell, Bernard-The burning land
Crais, Robert-The first rule
Delinsky, Barbara-Not my daughter
Deveraux, Jude-Lavender morning [Digital Audio]
Doetsch, Richard-The 13th hour
Donati, Sara-The endless forest
Fforde, Jasper-Shades of grey
Fisher, Suzanne Woods-The choice
Fowler, Earlene-Love mercy [Digital Audio]
Garwood, Julie-Sizzle
Godwin, Gail-Unfinished desires
Graves, Sarah-Crawlspace
Gregory, Philippa-The other Boleyn girl [Digital Audio]
Griffin, W.E.B.-The honor of spies
Harper, Karen-The queen’s governess
Harrison, Cora-The sting of justice
Higgins, Jack-The wolf at the door
Hoag, Tami-Deeper than the dead
Hoffman, Beth-Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
Hunter, Stephen-I, sniper
Knopf, Chris-Short squeeze
Kostova, Elizabeth-The swan thieves
Krentz, Jayne Ann-Fired up
Lescroart, John T.-Treasure Hunt
McCaffrey, Anne-Catalyst
Morgenroth, Kate-Through the heart
Oates, Joyce Carol-A fair maiden
Parker, T. Jefferson-Iron River
Parks, Brad-Faces of the gone
Rollins, James-Altar of Eden
Stricklin, Robert-Process of elimination
Tatlock, Ann-The returning [Digital Audio]
Thor, Brad-The apostle
Tyler, Anne-Noah’s compass
Woods, Stuart-Kisser

NON-FICTION:  (Dewey number following title is shelf locator)
Agassi, Andre-Open (B AGA)
Heartland portrait (814 HEA)
Hofsommer, Donovan L.-The hook and eye (385 HOF)
J. K. Lasser’s your income tax 2010 (336.2 J)
Levitt, Steven D.-Superfreakonomics (330 LEV)
Mam, Somaly-The road of innocence (B MAM)
Miniscalco, Keith-Survival guide for coaching post family cookbook (796.323 MIN)

Angels & demons (MA 243)
The boy in the striped pajamas (MC 90)
Cold Mountain (MA 248)
He’s just not that into you (MA 247)
Julie & Julia (MA 249)
No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: the complete first season (MA 251)
Public enemies (MA 250)
The soloist (MA 246)
The taking of Pelham 123 (MA 245)
Zodiac (MA 244)


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