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Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program statistics were AWESOME this year!! We want to commend all of our participants (and their parents) for the effort put forth in making books such an important part of their summer.

The Kid’s 4-Week Reading Challenge ran from July 9th – August 4th. Children were encouraged to read at their own pace and at their own reading level. Prizes were given for each week of participation.


In the 4 weeks of the program 59 children read a total of 1,265 books (category 1 & 2) and an amazing 29,096 pages (category 3).

SRP1The Reading Challenge was divided into three categories of readers:

[These two categories counted the number of books read.]
  • Category 1: Infant – Kindergarten
  • Category 2: First grade – Third grade

[This category counted the number of pages read.]
  • Category 3: Fourth grade – Sixth grade


Top 3 readers in each category are as follows: 

Category 1: Isaac Ericson [123 books], Adele, Hugh, and Hattie Conway [109 books], Aiden and Asher Gerst [96 books].
Category 2: Katerina Kovarik [47 books], Alexa Meyer [37 books], Chance Adam [34 books].
Category 3: Autumn Johnson [3,733 pages], Brigid Berns [3,338 pages], Mary Vandervelden [3,048 pages].
A new feature added this year to the SRP was Experience Prizes. Private tours given by local businesses, organization, and city departments, to our top readers along with their family/friends, giving the kids added incentive to read. Experience Prizes were donated by Parrots at Dawn Pet Emporium, WW Homestead Dairy (including free ice cream cone), Bruening Rock Products, Allamakee County Museum, Waukon Fire Department (including a ride on a fire truck), and Waukon Police Station.


Congratulations Experience Prize winners Sarah Howe (Teen winner), Isaac Erickson, Adele, Hugh and Hattie Conway, Katerina Kovarik, Alexa Meyer, Autumn Johnson.

Special thanks to:

Parrots at Dawn Pet Emporium

WW Homestead Dairy

Bruening Rock Products

Allamakee County Museum

Waukon Fire Department

Waukon Police Station

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