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Author Event with Kay Woodhouse Scheduled

Kay Woodhouse is a retired teacher living in a timber area in Delhi, Iowa.  She and her artist husband, John, have four grown, married children and seven grandchildren.  She is the author of two tween novels, a trilogy of three inspirational love story novels and a children's story book about wild life animals.

Kay will be speaking about the six books she has written, as well as about the writing experiences she has had:   Iowa Writer's Workshop summer session, Writing Children's Literature, correspondence course from Connecticut,  plus 30 years of teaching 5-6th grades, which included Language Arts and creative writing skills.

Kay Woodhouse's books:

    Shawn Ashley Moore, twelve and the oldest of four children, finally gets to go to a horse camp, Camp Weemo in Kentucky.  She and her grandma made a deal about Camp Weemo.  Sam would help Grandma with the spring deep cleaning and Grandma would pay her way to camp.  At camp Sam learns all about camp life, the duties and the classes.  On the first day, Sam meets Suzy, a pregnant mare.  Sam learns how to ‘muck out’ the stables.  She experiences being on suds, being table trotter and KP duties.  She and Josh have a chance to explore the caves on their free time one day.  Her friendship with Josh grows and she experiences a special boy in her life…not a boyfriend, but a special boy friend.  It is a story of a young girl experiencing the love of horses and a first love.


    The team had finally made it to the finals, and Bryan felt that he had finally made it too, as a ball player and a member of the team.  It wasn’t always that way.  He had come a long way since the family had moved to Centerton when he was in third grade, starting in baseball that next summer.  Those days were long past, and now as a senior in high school he was the starting pitcher and captain of the the team.  He had quarterbacked the football team to the finals, and had been one of the co-captains of the basketball team.  He was well on his way to earning the prestigious “outstanding student athlete of the year” award.  Everything was perfect –or so it seemed.  No one knew all the turmoil that had followed Bryan.  So many times he felt that life just wasn’t fair.  His classmates knew he was from a ‘broken home’ and that he and his mom and three younger sisters lived over by the school – but that was about all Bryan ever let anyone know about his life.


    Elizabeth Stanton is a recently divorced teacher who has moved back to the Midwest with her two sons.  Her first husband had been killed in a trucking accident, and after a whirlwind courtship, she married her second husband, who eventually proved to be an abuser.  After her divorce was final, Elizabeth decided to move back 'home' and was able to be hired as a third-grade teacher in the small Wisconsin town of Hoptin.  She and her sons have rented a house and are settled in.  When she meets the grandfather of one of her students, she is amazed at her own reaction and wonders if it is true that the third time is a charm.  Will Joe Winters be the man to prove the old saying is true?


    In this book Rob Winters has an online friendship with Marcie McCullough.  She moved to Hoptin to work as an interm Administrative Assistant in the school.  She easily joins into the Winters' lifestyle and she and Rob so fall in love and eventually get married.  She and Rob both had issues in their lives that they had learned to live with and accept.  However, they learn that God works in mysterious ways and they experience some unexpected blessings in their lives.


    This book is the last of the Blessings trilogy.  This is Rob and Marcie's story.  Andrea and Brianna, Marcie's twins she had given up for adoption at birth, were still six when their adoptive parents were killed.  The girls had turned seven by the time the legal work was finally completed to reunite the girls to Marcie and her husband, Rob.  It was May when that all took place.  They spent six months learning how to be the family they have now become.  Now three years later they have become adjusted to farm life in small town Hoptin.


    This is a collection of short stories about the lives of animals.  We have watched all of these animals in our yard and timber and I have put together a book of these stories that can be read to...or by...young children.  It is amazing how sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


The event is scheduled for Monday, September 17th at 6:30 pm.