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October 2012 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new books, audio, & video materials


David Abrams—Fobbit

Mitch Albom—The time keeper

Robert Bloch—Psycho

Janet Bolin—Headed for trouble [paperback]

Michelle Boyajian—Lies of the heart

T. Davis Bunn—Hidden in dreams [large print]

Patricia Cornwell—The bone bed

Catherine Coulter—Prince of Ravenscar [paperback]

Justin Cronin—The twelve

Ted Dekker—The sanctuary

Nelson DeMille—The panther

Steve Earle—I’ll never get out of this world alive

Karen Engelmann—The Stockholm Octavo

Louise Erdrich—The found house

Richard Paul Evans—A winter dream

Jasper Fforde—The woman who died a lot

Elizabeth Flock—Me & Emma

John Grisham—The racketeer

Ron Hansen—Desperadoes

Karen Harper—Finding mercy

T. L. Higley—Garden of madness [large print]

Henry James—The Aspern papers & The turn of the screw

Iris Johansen—Sleep no more

Karen Kingsbury—The bridge

Stephen King—The stand [paperback]

Dennis Lehane—Live by night

Beverly Lewis—The bridesmaid

Johanna Lindsey—Let love find you

Debbie Macomber—Angels at the table

Paul May—The Blackhouse

Alexander McCall Smith—The uncommon appeal of clouds

Morgan McCarthy—The other half of me

Rick Mofina—They disappeared [paperback]

Kate Morton—The secret keeper

Diana Palmer—Courageous

Diana Palmer—Calhoun [paperback]

Diana Palmer—Connal [paperback]

Diana Palmer—Harden [paperback]

James Patterson—NYPD red

Anne Perry—A Christmas garland

Mark Pryor—In the shadow of the banyan

Vaddey Ratner—Mad River

John Sandford—Between heaven & here

Tom Wolfe—Back to blood


Audio books:


Heather Graham—The uninvited

Stephen King—A face in the crowd

Louis L’Amour—The Californios

J. D. Robb—Delusion in death

J. K. Rowling—The casual vacancy


Music CD’s/DVD’s/VHS:

Laura Veirs—Tumble bee [CD MC 23]

I have Tourette’s but Tourette’s doesn’t have me [DVD 616.8 IHA]

Tourette Syndrome in the classroom, school, & community [DVD 616.8 TOU]

Home/personal defense shotgun [DVD 683.4 HOM]

Chinatown [DVD MA 406]

The proud rebel [DVD MA 407]

Shane [DVD MA 408]

Huckleberry Finn [DVD MC 148]

Adult NON-FICTION:  (numbers/alpha indicate Dewey call number)

St. Augustine—Confessions [270.2 AUG]

Mike Lofgren—The party is over: how Republicans went crazy, Democrats became  useless, and the middle class got shafted [324.2 LOF]

Kenneth L. Brigham & Michael M. E. Johns—Predictive health: how we can reinvent medicine to extend our best years [362.1 BRI]

A family’s guide to Tourette syndrome [616.8 FAM]

Eat healthy, lose weight [641.5 EAT]

Sam Sifton—Thanksgiving: how to cook it well [641.5 SIF]

Ross King—Leonardo & the Last Supper [759.9 KIN]

Jackson Landers—Eating aliens: one man's adventures hunting invasive animal species [799.2 LAN]

James Wood—The fun stuff & other essays [824 WOO]

Shelley Emling—Marie Curie & her daughters: the private lives of science's first family [920 EML]

Peter Ackroyd—Foundation: the history of England from its earliest beginnings to the Tudors [941 ACK]

Stan Mack—Taxes, the Tea Party, & those revolting rebels: a comics history of the  American revolution [973.3 MAC]

Bill O’Reilly—Killing Kennedy: the end of Camelot [973.922 ORE]

Edward Klein—The amateur: Barack Obama in the White House [973.932 KLE]

Devin McKinney—The man who saw a ghost: the life and work of Henry Fonda [B FON]

H. W. Brands—The man who saved the Union: Ulysses Grant in war and peace [B GRA]

Shawn Johnson—Winning balance: what I've learned so far about love, faith, and living  your dreams [B JOH]

Arnold Schwarzenegger—Total recall: my unbelievably true life story [B SCH]

Stephen Tobolowsky—The dangerous animals club [B TOB]


Kids books:

Easy Books:

Mary Evanson Bleckwehl—Henry! You’re hungry again?

Ann de Bode—Can you make me better?

Ann de Bode—Ican’t find you, Mom

Ann de Bode—I don’t like the dark

Ann de Bode—I still love you, Dad

Ian Falconer—Olivia & the fairy princess

Mies van Hout—Happy

Jewel—That’s what I’d do

Jane Manning—Millie Fierce

Karina Wolf—The insomniacs


Juvenile fiction:

Cory Doctorow—Pirate cinema

Franzeska G. Ewart—There’s a hamster in my pocket!

K. J. Houtman—Driving me crazy

K. J. Houtman—Spare the rod

K. J. Houtman—A whirlwind opener

Hope Larson—A wrinkle in time: the graphic novel

Jeff Parker—Ego

Jeff Parker—Finding Zemo

Jeff Parker—High Serpent Society

Rick Riordan—The mark of Athena

Rick Riordan—Vespers rising: 39 clues, book 11

Rachel Renee Russo—Dork diaries: tales from a not-so-graceful ice princess

Neal Shusterman—UnWholly

Lemony Snicket—Who could that be at this hour?


Juvenile non-fiction:

Kraig Helstrom—Crop circles [J 001.9 HEL]

Rupert Matthews—Disappearances [J 001.9 MAT]

Rupert Matthews—Strange animals [J 001.9 MAT]

David Schach—The Loch Ness monster [J 001.9 SCH]

David Schach—Sea monsters [J 001.9 SCH]

Adam Stone—The Bermuda Triangle [J 001.9 STO]

Paul Theisen—Bigfoot [J 001.9 THE]

Dave Wencel—UFOs [J 001.9 WEN]

Rupert Matthews—Ghosts & spirits [J 133.1 MAT]

Adam Stone—Ghosts [J 133.1 STO]

Jean F. Blashfield—Slavery in America [J 306.3 BLA]

Steve Goldsworthy—Pentagon [J 355.6 GOL]

L. L. Owens—Jupiter [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Mars [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Mercury [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Neptune [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Pluto & other dwarf planets [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Saturn [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Uranus [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Venus [J 523.4 OWE]

L. L. Owens—The sun [J 523.7 OWE]

L. L. Owens—Earth [J 525 OWE]

Kaite Goldsworthy—Burj Khalifa [J 725 GOL]

K. C. Kelley—Dallas Cowboys [J 796.332 KEL]

Ima Laffin—Knock knock jokes [J 817 LAF]

Ima Laffin—More knock knock jokes [J 817 LAF]

Cyl Lee—Really silly jokes [J 817 LEE]

Rupert Matthews—Ancient mysteries [J 930.1 MAT]

Simon Rose—Colosseum  [J 937 ROS]

Nicola Barber—World War I [J 940.3 BAR]

Christine Webster—Great Wall of China [J 951 WEB]

Peter Benoit—The Civil War [J 973.7 BEN]

Peter Benoit—The Confederate States of America [J 973.7 BEN]

Jessica Morrison—The White House [J 975.3 MOR]

Gillian Richardson—Machu Picchu [J 985 RIC]


Staff recommendations:
Rick Meyer: George R. R. Martin—Game of thrones

Chris Kerndt: Bethany Hamilton—Soul surfer

Ellen Krousie: Birgitta Ralston—Snow play
Ellen Thiele:  Ira Wagler—Growing up Amish

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