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June 2013 Acquisitions

List of Robey Memorial Library's new books, video, & audio materials

L.L. Bartlett—One hot murder [paperback]
Matt Bell—In the house upon the dirt between the lake and the woods
Steve Berry—The king’s deception
James Carlos Blake—The rules of Wolfe
S.J. Bolton—Lost
Sandra Byrd—Roses have thorns [large print]
Orson Scott Card—Earth afire
Kate Carlisle—A cookbook conspiracy
Linda Castillo—Her last breath
Debra Clopton—Her unforgettable cowboy [paperback]
Clive Cussler—Zero hour
Patricia Davids—Plain admirer [paperback]
Jeffrey Deaver—The kill room
Ted Dekker—Sovereign
Barbara Delinsky—Sweet salt air
Karen Joy Fowler—We are all completely beside ourselves
Ru Freeman—On Sal Mal Lane
Neil Gaiman—The ocean at the end of the lane
Debby Giusti—The colonel’s daughter [paperback]
Linda Goodnight—Baby in his arms
Sara Gran—Claire DeWitt & the bohemian highway
Chuck Greaves—Green-eyed lady
Chuck Greaves—Hush money
Irene Hannon—Seaside blessings [paperback]
Karen Hawkins—How to pursue a princess [paperback]
Ruth Logan Herne—The lawman’s second chance [paperback]
Elin Hildebrand—Beautiful day
Tami Hoag—The 9th girl
Jonathan Holt—The abomination
Angela Elwell Hunt—The offering [large print]
Ron Irwin—Flat water Tuesday
Arlene James—Love in bloom [paperback]
Craig Johnson—A serpent’s tooth
William Johnstone—Hard ride to hell [large print]
Rebecca Kertz—Noah’s sweetheart [paperback]
Stephen King—Joyland
Dean Koontz—Deeply Odd
C.E. Lawrence—Silent kills [paperback]
Susan Mallery—Summer days [paperback]
Jason Matthews—Red sparrow
Alexander McCall Smith—Trains & lovers
Colum McCann—TransAtlantic
Charles McCarry—The Shanghai factor
Glenn Meade—The second Messiah
Phillip Meyer—The son
T.H. Michael—Valley of deception
Brenda Minton—Johanna’s bridegroom [paperback]
Meg Mitchell Moore—The cowboy lawman [paperback]
Perri O’Shaughnessy—The arrivals
Lauran Paine—Guns in Wyoming
James Patterson—Second honeymoon
Ridley Pearson—Choke point
Allie Pleiter—The fireman’s homecoming [paperback]
Imogen Robertson—Circle of shadows
James Rollins—The eye of God
Lionel Shriver—Big brother
Joan Silber—Fools
Elizabeth L. Silver—The execution of Noa P. Singleton
Lauraine Snelling—Believing the dream
Lauraine Snelling—A dream to follow
Kathryn Springer—Making his way home [paperback]
Chevy Stevens—Always watching
Elizabeth Strout—The Burgess boys
Missy Tippens—Georgia sweethearts [paperback]
Jeanette Walls—The silver star
Lenora Worth—The diamond secret [paperback]

Audio books:
Amity Shlaes—Coolidge [B COO]

Dave Barry—Insane city
Cassandra Clare—Clockwork angel [J FIC CLA CD]
Sophie Kinsella—Wedding night
John T. Lescroart—Dead Irish
John T. Lescroart—The mercy rule
Phillip Meyer—The son
James Patterson—NYPD red
Thomas Perry—The boyfriend
John Sandford—Silken prey
Jeff Shaara—A chain of thunder
Jess Walter—Beautiful ruins

Music CD’s/DVD’s/VHS:
50 sweet bands! 50 sweet songs! [CD MA 242]
Drew’s famous Mexican dinner party music [CD MA 243]
African safari [CD MA 244]
Celtic storm [CD MA 245]
20 best Hawaiian love [CD MA 246]
Disney mania 4 [CD MC 24]
Alphabet sounds [CD MC 25]
How the Grinch stole Christmas and other Christmas songs for kids [CD MC 26]
Merry Christmas: Animaniacs: Looney Tunes [CD MC 27]
United we stand: songs of America [CD MC 28]
Disney’s dance along v. 1 [CD MC 29]
Kid’s party pop 1 [CD MC 30]
Kid’s party pop 2 [CD MC 31]
Easy phonics songs [CD MC 32]
Our galaxy: it’s out of this world [CD MC 33]
Learning songs [CD MC 34]
Numbers & counting [CD MC 35]
The story of “Oh, Christmas tree” [CD MC 36]
Happy healthy songs [CD MC 37]
It’s Easter time again! [CD MC 38]
Firefighters [CD MC 39]
Kids fun Christmas [CD MC 40]
The seven little Foys [DVD MA 446]
Les miserables [2012] [DVD MA 447]
Sherlock: season two [DVD MA 448]
Hope floats [DVD MA 449]
The man who knew too much [1934] [DVD MA 450]
Game of thrones: season two [DVD MA 451]
Finding Nemo [DVD MC 157]
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs [DVD MC 158]
The perks of being a wallflower [DVD MC 159]
Beauty & the beast [Disney] [DVD MC 160]
Breaking dawn pt. 2 [DVD MC 161]
Rise of the guardians [DVD MC 162]
Tarzan [Disney] [DVD MC 163]
ParaNorman [DVD MC 164]
Ice age [DVD MC 165]
The magic school bus: the complete series [DVD MC 166-173]
The princess bride [DVD MC 174]
Oz the great & powerful [DVD MC 175]

Adult NON-FICTION:  (numbers/alpha indicate Dewey call number)
Scott Barry Kaufman—Ungifted: intelligence redefined [001.2 KAU]
James P. Steyer—Talking back to Facebook: a common sense guide to raising kids in the digital age [004.6 STE]
David Lefer—The founding conservatives: how a group of unsung heroes saved the American Revolution [320.52 LEF]
Sarah R. Baker—The spending strike: strategies for saving money, strengthening faith, and renewing happiness [332.024 BAK]
Edward Jay Epstein—The annals of unsolved crime [364.15 EPS]
Jackie Silberg—The complete book of rhymes, songs, poems, fingerplays, & chants [372.21 SIL]
The giant encyclopedia of math activities for for children 3 to 6 [372.7 GIA]
Sharon MacDonald—Math in minutes: easy activities for children ages 4-8 [372.7 MAC]
Chiara Atik—Modern dating: a field guide [392.4 ATI]
David Crystal—Spell it out: the curious, enthralling and extraordinary story of English spelling [421 CRY]
Zac Unger—Never look a polar bear in the eye: a family field trip to the Arctic's edge in search of adventure, truth, and mini-marshmallows [599.78 UNG]
Paul A. Offit—Do you believe in magic? The sense and nonsense of alternative medicine [615.5 OFF]
Mika Brzezinski—Obsessed: America’s food addiction—and my own [616.85 BRZ]
Martha Grimes—Double double: a dual memoir of addiction [616.86 GRI]
John Walker—The garden planner [635.9 WAL]
Hometown favorites: delicious down-home recipes volume 5 [641.5 HOM]
Jackie Silberg—Games to play with toddlers [649 SIL]
Felder Rushing—Bottle trees: ...and other whimsical glass art for the garden [717 RUS]
Christmas from the heart v. 22 [745.5 CHR]
Look what you can make with egg cartons [745.54 LOO]
Look what you can make with paper bags [745.54 LOO]
Look what you can make with paper plates [745.54 LOO]
Amy Herzog—Knit to flatter [746.43 HER]
Ken Ludwig—How to teach your children Shakespeare [822.3 LUD]
Jerome Pohlen—Oddball Iowa: a guide to some really strange places [917.7 POH]
Michael Parker Pearson—Stonehenge: a new understanding: solving the mysteries of the greatest stone age monument [936.2 PAR]
Sheila Myoshi Jager—Brothers at war: the unending conflict in Korea [951.9 JAG]
Kenneth T. Walsh—Prisoners of the White House: the isolation of America's presidents and the crisis of leadership [973 WAL]
Joseph J. Ellis—Revolutionary summer: the birth of American independence [973.3 ELL]
Jonathan Alter—The center holds: Obama & his enemies [973.932 ALT]
Lynne Marie Alex—Iowa’s archaeological past [977.7 ALE]
Iowa, the definitive collection [977.7 IOW]
Robert D. Ray—An Iowa treasure: a photographic journey of the life and travels of former Governor of Iowa, Robert D. Ray [977.7 IOW]
Andrew C. Isenberg—Wyatt Earp: a vigilante life [B EAR]
Melissa Muller—Anne Frank: the biography [B FRA]

Kids books:
Easy Books:
Tom Angleberger—Crankee Doodle
Rebecca Cobb—Missing mommy
Jennifer Fosberry—Isabella, star of the story
Deborah Freedman—The story of Fish & Snail
Jennifer LaRue Huget—The beginner’s guide to running away
Mark Lee—20 big trucks in the middle of the street
Jennifer Lloyd—The best thing about kindergarten
Lenore Look—Brush of the gods
Meghan McCarthy—Daredevil
Zachariah OHora—No fits, Nilson!
Courtney Pippin-Mathur—Maya was grumpy
April Jones Prince—Dig in
Lemony Snicket—The dark
Bob Sornson—Stand in my shoes

Juvenile fiction:
Jodi Lynn Anderson—Loser/queen
Kami Garcia—Beautiful redemption
Anonymous—Go ask Alice
Cynthia Kadohata—The thing about luck
Laurie Keller—Bowling alley bandit
Jennifer H. Lyne—Catch rider
Patricia MacLachlan—White fur flying
Jude Watson—A king’s ransom [39 clues]

Juvenile non-fiction:
Judy Press—Alphabet art [J 372.5 PRE]
Judy Press—ArtStarts for little hands [J 372.5 PRE]

Staff recommendations:
Rick Meyer: Brett Martin—Difficult men: behind the scenes of a creative revolution:from The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad
Chris Kerndt: Beth Reekles—The kissing booth
Ellen Krousie: Donald McCaig—Rhett Butler’s people [NEIBORS]
Ellen Thiele:  Debbie Macomber—Family affair

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