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June Live & Learn: Our Neighbors the Amish

As part of Live & Learn: enriching lives through monthly learning series, RML is offering Our Neighbors the Amish on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 5:30pm in the lower level Community Room.

Attend this FREE two-hour presentation given by Don and Dianne Kramer of Dyersville, IA. The presentation includes photos of Amish people and elements of their lifestyle, including:

    • Growth of Amish Population
    • Key Amish Beliefs
    • The Ordnung
    • Language
    • Rumspringa
    • “Believer’s Baptism”
    • Marriage
    • Homes
    • Children
    • Schools
    • Social Gatherings
    • Occupations
    • Church
    • Clothing
    • Health and Healing
    • Funerals and Burial

    Don and Dianne welcome comments, questions, and Amish anecdotes from the audience and Amish treats will be provided.

    Don and Dianne are surrounded by three Amish communities, and it has been through their interactions with the Amish and extensive research they have been able to gather, organize, and present their "findings" about these humble, kind, intriguing people. Don and Dianne Kramer are native Iowans (Don was raised in Earlville, Dianne in Dyersville) who met while students at Xavier High School in Dyersville. Following graduation, they both attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, where they majored in education. They taught for 14 years in Grundy Center; then they returned to their home territory of Dyersville and taught the remainder of their careers at West Delaware Community Schools in Manchester. Don taught elementary physical education and later middle school history and language arts. All of Dianne’s teaching career was spent in the high school English area, with emphasis on literature and writing. Now that they are retired, Don and Dianne enjoy their time on their acreage and in their log home, caring for their cat and horse. Much of their free time is spent volunteering. They enjoy the simplicity of their lives: gardening, landscaping, walking in their timber, helping others, going on day trips, and meeting new people of all ages. Most recently, they have been given the opportunity to share their interest in the Amish culture with audiences in libraries throughout Iowa.

    Contact the Front Desk (563) 568-4424 or with questions!