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RML hosts Matinee Movie Series

RML is hosting a Matinee Movie series on Saturdays at 1pm in July.

Join us for a series of movies fitting our “Universe of Stories” summer reading program theme. Viewers are invited to bring their own movie snacks.

Showings include:

  • July 6, 1pm—E.T., the extra-terrestrial: A lonely boy befriends a homesick alien stranded on Earth and attempts to help him find a way home. Meanwhile, a group of government scientists attempt to capture the benevolent visitor for research. (PG)
  • July 13, 1pm—Wall-E: Oscar-winning CGI-animated delight about the misadventures of the last robot on Earth, circa 2800, who romances a sleek, high-tech android.(G)
  • July 20, 1pm—Apollo 13: The story of the 1970 lunar mission, which suffered an explosion in space that disabled the ship, leaving the astronauts and Mission Control to work frenetically on devising a plan to get the men home safely. (PG)
  • July 27, 1pm—Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy: Trippy cosmic joyride with an earthling and an alien. Adapted from the Douglas Adams sci-fi tales.(PG)

Please contact RML for more information: (563) 568-4424,, or