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Recommended Reading on the Battle of Midway

Suggested by Dr. Stephen Regan
Re-fighting World War II in the Pacific
James Bresnehan, edt.
Battle of Midway
Craig Symonds
Shattered sword
John Parshall and Anthony Tully
Black shoe carrier admiral
John Lundstrom
The first South Pacific campaign : Pacific Fleet strategy, December 1941-June 1942
John B. Lundstrom
Miracle at Midway
Gordon W. Prange, Donald M. Goldstein, & Katherine V. Dillon
Glorious day in our history
Robert Cressman
In bitter tempest
Stephen D. Regan
The reluctant admiral : Yamamoto and the Imperial Navy
Hiroyuki Agawa
Hawaii under the rising sun : Japan's plans for conquest after Pearl Harbor
John J. Stephan
Fading victory : the diary of Admiral Matome Ugaki, 1941-1945
Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon, edt. / Masatake Chihaya, trl.
Eagle against the sun : the American war with Japan
Ronald H. Spectre
Battle that doomed Japan
Mitsuo Fuchida
Midway inquest
Dallas Isorm