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Patron Recommended

The fifties by David Halberstam

Fifties I truly enjoyed the history of that particular time period. I was in high school and college during the fifties
and thus the book refreshed my memory of the events that took place and of course with more detail than I remembered. 


If you are interested in history, I highly recommend this book.








MN 63687

July 2011
Ron S.

Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, Ronald Cotton & Erin Toreno


Picking Cotton is a book all of us should read. It is a story of true forgiveness, friendship, prejudice, hate and faith. Our justice system failed Ron Cotton, but both Jennifer and Ron are victims in this book. Eleven years of someone’s life lost in prison, when the judicial system should have done a better job.

A must read.



MN # 62249

Ada Marie K.
March 2010


Upside of fear by Weldon Long

Upside of fear

The book is about changing a life headed to disaster toward a life of happiness & success. I liked the fact it is a true story told by the person experiencing the criminal behavior.
I like the message of seeking help and facing problems and fears directly.






David H.
December  2009


Culture of corruption by Michelle Malkin

Culture of corruption by Michelle Malkin

A great new book! “Judge me by the people around me,” President Obama said. This is a good book to do just that. Everyone around him is connected to things bad for the USA.

Material #61724

Lois W.
November 2009


In the president's secret service by Ronald Kessler

 In the president's service by Ronald Kessler

Good book. Easy to read. Enjoyed the history and inside workings of the secret service. But what was really interesting was the inside look at former presidents.


Material #61479

Rita N.
November 2009

The help by Kathryn Stockett

The help


Author’s first book. All authors are told to write what you know about and this is completely executed throughout -- black maids with their white women “Boss’s” in 1960s Jackson, MS.
I loved that she wished she could have had the chance to thank her “Demetrie”—she had died when the author was 16!
Material #61717

Caryn W.
November 2009

5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

The 5000 year leapBeing ignorant of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, I found The 5000 year leap a simple, easy to read and [to] understand book on social politics and economics.

Reading a chapter at a time and applying it to our times, I came to realize our freedom can be lost. The Constitution can stand only if we are a virtuous and morally strong people who are electing virtuous leaders. My question is, “Will the Constitution stand?”

July 2009


MN # 61121


The great depression ahead by Harry S. Dent

Great Depression Ahead“. . . Simple trends drive long-term growth and changes in cycles and that demographic and technology cycles are critical in predicting business and economic trends.” This observation by author Dent best describes the content of his book, influencing the direction and flow of Dent’s predictions and strategies. Dent is respected by those involved in the economic dynamics that are part of our national scene but caution should be taken. Dent has been right many times in the past but he has also been wrong – the prediction of the Dow peaking at 30,000 during the last boom is one of his failed projections. Dent’s use of the historical ramifications of government and market corrections when there is a downturn mirrors actions taken today by our leaders in Washington and Wall Street. This is a fascinating read and is a good companion book along with other recent publication such as Laffer, Moore and Tanous’s recent book, The end of prosperity.

July 2009


Material #60884

Living Terrors by Michael Osterholm

Living TerrorsA note on the back jacket cover of this book warns us that this book is a “manifest, urging each of us to prepare for the inevitable, or pay a stupendous toll in human lives.” Urge me it did!! In the final chapter I kept thinking of all the people I wanted to send a copy to!

[Being] authored by Waukon native Michael (Mike) Osterholm, was enough for me to read it. He and John Schwartz have combined factual information and fictional, but realistic, scenarios, to describe what could happen in a bio-terrorism attack.  Most of us have heard of the chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, but few of us are aware of the catastrophe that would result from a biological terrorism attack.

Despite the heavy material, the authors’ style of writing is a reminder that these are “down to earth” men with credibility and Chapter Notes that substantiate their statements. As scary as the “scenarios” are, an “Eight Point Plan for Change” provided hope, and challenges us to the task ahead.

I urge every citizen of Allamakee County to read LIVING TERRORS by Waukon native, Michael T. Osterholm, and John Schwartz.


358.38 OST


May 2009

Don't Start the Revolution by Jesse Ventura

Don't Start the Revolution



In my opinion the book Don’t start the revolution without me by Jesse Ventura is, if not a “must read” at least a “should read.” As I see it, Mr. Ventura’s book opens three doors for its readers. Door one, marked “People politics,” will introduce young people to “three” party politics and term limitations. Door two, marked “Pride,” takes us back to a time when, “We the people” as Americans could look upon the Leaders of our Great Country with Pride. Door three, marked “Shame,” gives us insight to our leaders now. Please read this book and think long and hard. How did we get here, what do we do about it? “We the people” must save this Great Nation from itself.






MN 59884

October 2008

White Mary by Kira Salak

White MaryI cannot say it was a terrific book, but it did grab my attention from the start and held it for the most part. There was a disturbing sexual scene towards the middle of the book that really bothered me and kind of tainted my opinion of the whole book, but by the time I neared the end, I was feeling more positive about the story. I feel the sex scene was unnecessarily blatant.  It was a brief part of the story, however, but it did make quite a negative impression on me.




MN # 59801

October 2008

sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling

sTORI Telling cover art

I like the Tori Spelling book very much.  I would read it again if I had the chance.  I like this book because it is about her life and things she's gone through and how important her family is to her.  Also, because she had her ups and downs like anyone else.  I would like to own a copy of this book myself.  It is the best book I have read.  It is number one on my list!



MN 59556

August 2008

Patience, my dear & My magic square by Arianna Snow


These two books interlace with one another in preparation for the introduction to a third book.  They center around the McDonald Clan of Scotland after WWI.  Whether you consider them as a comedy of errors, a love story or an intriguing mystery, each holds your attention throughout the story line.  From one book to the other, the story line is laid down in fashion to reach a climax at the  end of the book, only to find that there are more unanswered mysteries at the end which can only be answered by the reader looking for the next book the author has written.  EXCELLENT!

July 2008



Patience, my dear
My magic square
MN 56096
MN 56095