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The great depression ahead by Harry S. Dent

Great Depression Ahead“. . . Simple trends drive long-term growth and changes in cycles and that demographic and technology cycles are critical in predicting business and economic trends.” This observation by author Dent best describes the content of his book, influencing the direction and flow of Dent’s predictions and strategies. Dent is respected by those involved in the economic dynamics that are part of our national scene but caution should be taken. Dent has been right many times in the past but he has also been wrong – the prediction of the Dow peaking at 30,000 during the last boom is one of his failed projections. Dent’s use of the historical ramifications of government and market corrections when there is a downturn mirrors actions taken today by our leaders in Washington and Wall Street. This is a fascinating read and is a good companion book along with other recent publication such as Laffer, Moore and Tanous’s recent book, The end of prosperity.

July 2009


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