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Living Terrors by Michael Osterholm

Living TerrorsA note on the back jacket cover of this book warns us that this book is a “manifest, urging each of us to prepare for the inevitable, or pay a stupendous toll in human lives.” Urge me it did!! In the final chapter I kept thinking of all the people I wanted to send a copy to!

[Being] authored by Waukon native Michael (Mike) Osterholm, was enough for me to read it. He and John Schwartz have combined factual information and fictional, but realistic, scenarios, to describe what could happen in a bio-terrorism attack.  Most of us have heard of the chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, but few of us are aware of the catastrophe that would result from a biological terrorism attack.

Despite the heavy material, the authors’ style of writing is a reminder that these are “down to earth” men with credibility and Chapter Notes that substantiate their statements. As scary as the “scenarios” are, an “Eight Point Plan for Change” provided hope, and challenges us to the task ahead.

I urge every citizen of Allamakee County to read LIVING TERRORS by Waukon native, Michael T. Osterholm, and John Schwartz.


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May 2009

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