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Allamakee Libraries Rock (ALR) is hosted by  the Allamakee County Libraries; Delores Tillinghast Memorial Library/Harpers Ferry, Meehan Memorial Lansing Library, New Albin Public Library, Postville Public Library, Waterville Public Library and Robey Memorial Library/Waukon; and Allamakee County Economic Development.  ALR is a fun way for you and your family or group to share your creativity in the community by painting/decorating rocks with a positive message or image. Once a rock is decorated, you then place it in a park, wayside, playground, nature trail, etc. for someone else to find.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Using acrylic paint, paint pens, permanent markers, nail polish etc. decorate a rock with a positive, up-building message or image. Let dry.  (OPTIONAL: Apply a clear coat of polyurethane or similar product to make your image hold up to the weather.)
  2. Write on the back of your rock:
  3. Take a photo of you finding a rock and/or hiding a rock. Find us on FB, @Allamakeelibrariesrock, and post a photo with hashtag #Allamakeelibrariesrock and #(your local library)  (example #RobeyMemorial-Waukon)
  4. Keep or re-hide a rock you have found.


  • Hide rocks in outdoor areas in Allamakee County like a park, wayside, nature trail, playground, landscaped area, flower bed, etc. Avoid private property, mowed areas, and walking paths.
  • Include yourself in the photo.
  • To find rocks for painting: Rocks can be purchased or *found. (*Avoid private property or violating park rules when removing rocks.) Rocks should be clean and dry before painting for best results

Things to remember:

  • All ages are welcome to participate; you’re never too young or too old to be creative!
  • Attend a rock painting program at your local library. (Contact your library for program details.)
  • This is a family-friendly group, please keeps all images and messages positive.
  • Get together w/ friends or a group to paint and distribute in the community.
  • Remember that not everyone is on social media. So your rock may not be seen here. Trust that your creation accomplished its purpose and made someone’s day a little better.
  • Social media posts will be approved by administration.