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Write Reviews

Alexandria allows you to review items in our collection and assign them a one- to five star rating. Staff will evaluate patron reviews before they are posted so please submit reviews with appropriate language. If a patron frequently submits inappropriate reviews, RML staff will block them from submitting any more reviews in the future.

A patron must Log In to the Researcher Workstation in order to write a review.

Step-by-Step: Submit A Review

This will walk through the steps required to submit a patron review.

  • Log into the Researcher using the User ID and Password associated with your patron account.
  • Perform a search and select the title that you want to review.
  • From the Item Details window, click your mouse pointer on the stars in the item record and then click on the Write your own Review! link.
  • The Add Review window will appear.
  • Using the mouse, select the number of stars (one through five) and then enter optional text for the item review.
  • Click on Submit to submit the review, or Cancel to close the Add Review window without saving any changes.


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