Behavior Policy

The Robey Memorial Library is open to everyone for browsing, reference, computer use, and reading. In order for all people to be able to fully use the materials and facility, patrons need to be considerate of others. It is expected users will not speak loudly and will not run in the building. Patrons should keep materials and personal belongings in a small area.

A. If behaviors begin to cause a disturbance for other visitors, the following steps will be taken:

  1. A verbal warning will be given by the library staff.
  2. A second warning will be given.
  3. If the disturbance continues, the patron will be asked to leave the building and grounds.
  4. If a minor does not leave or the behavior happens on another occasion, the library staff will call the parents or guardian.
  5. If a patron has been asked to leave on two occasions, library privileges will be restored only after a conference is held with the patron and librarian. If the patron is under 18, the parent/guardian will be included in the conference. Allamakee Community School District administrators have indicated they will assist with students.
  6. If a behavior problem is serious or illegal, the above steps may be superseded based on the severity of the actions, and the library staff is authorized to contact appropriate authorities.
  7. Documentation of all disturbances will be made by the staff.
  8. All rules also apply to the grounds outside of the library building.

B. Beverages in closed containers are allowed in the library.

C. Food is allowed only in the Community Rooms.

D. Cell phones may be used only in the Community Rooms, study rooms, and library entryways. An exception would be made if outside help is required while on public access internet computers. Please put cell phone on silence or vibrate while in the library.

Adopted August, 1994
Reviewed September, 1998
Reviewed June, 2004
Reviewed March, 2007
Revised April, 2008
Reviewed January, 2011
Revised March, 2014
Reviewed February, 2017
Reviewed February, 2020