Computer and Internet Policy

A. Computer

  1. The public access computers are available to all library patrons. A library card is not required to use a computer.
  2. The library may charge the person using the equipment for damage resulting from abusive use. If the user is a minor, parents or guardians will be held responsible for damages.
  3. Reserve time may be scheduled for a two hour time block. Exceptions may be made with staff approval. Reservations in person or by telephone are acceptable. Reservations are accepted only one day in advance. Patrons who reserve the computer must arrive no later than five (5) minutes past their scheduled time or the reservation will be cancelled. Users may sign in only once each day. The library reserves the right to terminate a person’s use of the computer if problems such as excessive noise, altering configurations, or physical abuse of equipment occurs. Staff must diligently enforce same.
  4. Users are guaranteed 2 hours of computer time with the possibility of Extra time depending on computer usage.
    a. If computers are available once a session has hit the 3 minute shutdown sequence, the session will go into Extra time.
    b. Extra time is available until all computers in the pool (currently at 8 computers) fill up.
    c. Once the computers in the pool fill up, ALL computers in the Extra time will begin the 3 minute countdown.
  5. The charge for printing is posted. Printing will be done by the staff at the end of the patrons computer session. Payment is due when printing is completed.
  6. The computers will be shut down fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes.

B. Internet

Robey Memorial Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. We cannot refuse access to internet content that someone else may deem objectionable. As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. The staff of Robey Memorial Library has priority for use of the internet access computers.

  1. Internet access may not be used for any unlawful activity or purpose. Use of the internet to access pornographic material is prohibited. One warning may be given. Repeat or unlawful activity will result in loss of computer privileges.
  2. Users are forbidden from using library computers for unauthorized access, modification, or other unlawful activities.
  3. Since computers are located in public areas, security and privacy of material is difficult to achieve. As a result, the library cannot guarantee privacy or confidentiality.
  4. Patrons using internet sites that are disruptive or distracting to library operations will be asked to leave the distracting site.
  5. The patron agrees to obey all applicable laws regarding copyright or licensing.
  6. Privileges will be taken away if this policy is not obeyed. Use of the computers will be denied for one month. Repeat offenders may be denied access for six (6) months or longer.

Computer Policy
Adopted September, 1998
Reviewed April, 2004
Reviewed August, 2006

July, 2008

Internet Policy
Adopted February, 1997
Reviewed March, 2000
Reviewed April, 2004
Reviewed September, 2006

July, 2008
Revised April, 2011
Reviewed April, 2014
Revised July, 2014
Reviewed March, 2017
Revised December, 2017

Revised March, 2019
Reviewed March, 2022