Confidentiality Policy

A. The Board of Trustees of the Robey Memorial Library recognizes the responsibility to protect the privacy of library users.

B. Under Iowa law, the records of a library which, by themselves or when examined with other public records, would reveal the identity of the library patron checking out or requesting an item or information from the library shall be kept confidential, Iowa Code, Section 22.7, paragraphs 13 and 14.

C. Information concerning an individual’s record will be released to that individual only.

D. Other requests for the release of confidential patron records and registration information will only be honored pursuant to a court order as provided in Iowa Code, Chapter 22.

E. The library will release information to the parent or guardian of a minor child for the purpose of recovering overdue materials and settling accounts for lost, late or damaged material, or for the recovery of material or charges incurred by minor

F. Procedures for enforcing the Confidentiality Policy:

  1. The library staff member receiving a request to examine or obtain information relating to registration, circulation, or other records identifying the names of library users shall immediately refer the requestor to the Director, who shall explain the policy.
  2. If the requestor is a law enforcement officer the officer must have a court order, a warrant issued under the USA Patriot Act, or a national Security Letter (NSL) issued under the USA Patriot act to receive the requested records. If the officer does not have a proper court order, warrant, or NSL compelling the production of records, the library Director shall refuse to provide the information.
  3. If the records requested are protected under the Iowa Code, the Director may immediately consult with legal counsel to determine if such process, order, or subpoena is sufficient to require release of the records.
  4. If the requestor is not a law enforcement officer and has not presented any type of court or administrative order requiring release of the requested information, the library Director shall refuse to provide the requested records.
  5. Any threats or unauthorized demands concerning circulation and other records identifying the names of library users shall be reported to the Director.
  6. Any problems relating to the privacy of circulation and other records identifying the names of library users, which are not provided for above, shall be referred to the Director.

Adopted February, 2009
Reviewed March, 2012
Reviewed May, 2015
Reviewed November, 2018