Director Job Description

Job Title: Library Director

Job Summary: The Library Director will be responsible for all administrative and professional library work and shall direct all library activities. The director works with the public in accordance with general municipal policies and program policies of the Library Board. Harmonious relationships among personnel and the public shall be maintained. The goal of the director’s position shall be to provide maximum library services to the service area patrons.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Library Services

  • Plan, organize, direct, and coordinate all library activities.
  • Supervise library functions of circulation, reference and programming.
  • Implement the policies of the library as adopted by the Board.
  • Suggest and carry out plans for extending the library’s services.
  • Select, order, oversee processing, and maintain all books, periodicals, audio visual, and other library materials. Serve the interests and needs of all library users in accordance with board policies by keeping current on new materials through professional literature and by knowing the public using the library. All purchases will be made in accordance with the selection policy adopted by the Library Board.
  • Keep collection current and attractive by weeding the collection.
  • Supervise public use of all machines (copier, computers, etc.)

2. Responsibilities to Library Board

  • Act as technical advisor to the Library Board, recommending needed policies for board action.
  • Report regularly to the Library Board, to the officials of the city and county, and to the general public.
  • Attend all board meetings other than those in which his/her own salary or tenure are under discussion. Prepare the agenda and notify board members of each meeting.
  • With the Library Board president, prepare agendas for board meetings.
  • Be responsible for keeping the Library Board informed of issues and problems relating to the library and for assisting in and promoting the continuing education of board members. (i.e. confidentiality of library records, open meetings law, Fair Labor Standards Act).
  • Be responsible for orienting new board members.
  • Inform the board of pending library legislation on the local, state, and national levels.

3. Budgets, Reports, and Statistics

  • Prepare regular reports summarizing the library’s progress, statistics, and future needs; prepare reports monthly for the Library Board and as needed for other agencies.
  • Provide a yearly report for the State Library in October.
  • Keep the Library Board informed of the long range plan for library activities.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the library in consultation with the Library Board and give a current report of expenditures against the budget at each meeting.
  • Maintain a list of current bills and expenditures. Present a claims sheet of all bills (other than staff salaries, IPERS, etc.) for approval at each board meeting.
  • Count, record, and turn in to the City Clerk money from copier use and fines.

4. Personnel

  • Train, supervise and annually evaluate all personnel, salaried, hourly, and volunteer.
  • Follow a planned orientation plan for new employees which includes (but is not limited to) the mission, long range goals, policies, and services of the library, and job responsibilities.
  • Make job assignments and schedule hours and vacations for staff.
  • Notify custodian of needed repairs.
  • Fill out time cards every two weeks for all employees.
  • When openings are available, assist the board in filling positions.

5. Building

  • Supervise the care, maintenance, appearance and security of the library building and property. Report to the Library Board any needed repairs.
  • Administer use and maintenance of library public meeting room under rules and standards established by the Library Board.

6. Public Relations

  • Maintain an active program of public relations. Speak as requested to groups about library services.
  • Prepare a selection of books for nursing home resident check out.
  • Plan and implement story time and summer reading program with help of library aides and volunteers.
  • See that displays, bulletin boards, hobby window, and window displays are prepared and updated regularly.
  • Upon request, grant tours to students.

7. Professional

  • Know local and state laws. Actively support library legislation in the state and nation.
  • Attend professional meetings and workshops to maintain certification and keep current regarding new procedures. Affiliate with state professional organizations.
  • Make use of the services of consultants of the state and regional library system. Cooperate with the county library association in representing a request for funds to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Promote and write grants for the library.
  • Perform related work as needed to fulfill goals and policies of the Library Board.
  • Demonstrate high professional standards and uphold similar expectations for all library employees in accordance with standard
  • library procedures.

Supervisor: Library Board

Physical Demands: All bona fide occupational qualifications, including visual and aural acuity, must be met. Understanding, patience, and tact in dealing with personnel and ability to maintain good working relations with personnel and public. Memory for details and stamina adequate for the work demanded. Willingness to serve the public and to cooperate with the Board and the public.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in library science or other training and experience in preparation for library work. Ability and experience to qualify for administrative work, library skills (including but not limited to cataloging, reference, materials
selection, etc.) Knowledge of current technology is essential. Must be willing to train and keep up to date on library principles and information skills. Must have a genuine interest in people and library services.

Working Conditions: Robey Memorial Library will maintain a modern, handicapped accessible, well-lit, temperature controlled, and smoke free environment.

Personnel Policies and Benefits for Library Director Position: This is a summary, not an official listing of benefits. For details, see the Office of the City Clerk, Waukon, IA as the relevant benefits are identical to policies and benefits of the City of Waukon.

  1. Sick Leave Benefit: accumulates at the rate of one day per month. It can accumulate to 120 days. Employee must work at least fifteen full scheduled days in month to accrue sick leave. City policy is followed.
  2. Personal Leave: city policy is followed here.
  3. Holidays: six paid holidays. See Holiday Policy for list of holidays
  4. Vacation: 1 week after 1st year; 2 weeks after 2nd year; 3 weeks after 5th year; 4 weeks after 10 years.
  5. Health Insurance: Carrier according to city contract, single person benefit paid for by the library. Family benefit: the library will pay amount set by city union contract each month toward the cost of family insurance if this is needed by the employee.
  6. IPERS
  7. FICA
  8. Worker’s Compensation
  9. Pay period is bi-weekly; paid through the office of the City Clerk. There are twenty-six pay periods in one year.
  10. Salary commensurate with qualifications.

I, ____________________________, have read the above job description and fully understand the conditions set forth herein, and if employed as Library Director, I will perform these duties to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Date ___________________ Signed _____________________________ Library Director
Date ___________________ Signed _____________________________ Board President

Adopted May, 1997
Revised November, 1998
Revised November, 1999
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