Gift Policy

Gifts, bequests, and memorials are an important source of library materials and can be significant additions to the resources of the library. In order for the Robey Memorial Library to make the best use of all gifts, the following guidelines have been provided:

  1. Acceptance or denial of gifts is the responsibility of the library director. All materials (books, subscriptions, media, etc.) and related questions will be directed to this person.
  2. Because the library is not recognized as a charity by the IRS, the library will not evaluate library materials for tax purposes.
  3. Gifts requiring special consideration (housing, personnel, restricted use, etc.) are generally not accepted by the library.
  4. Any gift given to Robey Memorial Library becomes the property of the library or the Robey Memorial Library Foundation.
  5. The library will retain and process the materials which meet the collection needs. Criteria for inclusion can be found in the Selection Policy, Part II. Items which cannot be used will be disposed of in whatever manner is deemed appropriate by the director including book sales.
  6. Gifts and memorials will be used as directed by the library board for the benefit of the library or placed in trust.
  7. Monetary gifts and memorials may also be directed to the Robey Memorial Library Foundation.

Adopted December, 1999
Reviewed October, 2002
Reviewed May, 2005
Reviewed March, 2008
Reviewed February, 2011
Revised August, 2014
Revised May, 2017

Reviewed September, 2020
Revised September, 2023