Grievance Procedure

Any employee having a grievance concerning working conditions, salary, or coworkers should first discuss the situation with the library director. The director will then try to remedy the situation in the best interest of the library and to the satisfaction of the staff member.

If the complaint is against the director, the complainant may appeal, in writing, to a member of the Library Board. The chair will be informed as soon as possible when a member is approached concerning a complaint. A board meeting will be called at which the person making the complaint has the option to appear in person. A quorum of the board is required to take any action per stated grievance.

Adopted October 1996
Reviewed January 2000
Reviewed February 2003
Reviewed March 2006
Revised March 2009
Revised June 2012
Reviewed September, 2015
Reviewed July, 2018
Reviewed March, 2021