Library Aide Job Description

Job Title: Library aide.

Job Summary: The library aide will be responsible for duties as assigned by the director to maintain library services and property.

Job Responsibilities:

A. Library Services

  1. Answer reference questions
  2. Assist patrons in identifying or locating materials in the collection; this may involve instructions on use of computerized catalog
  3. Check materials and equipment in and out using automated system; shelf same
  4. Promote library programs and services
  5. Open and sort mail per director’s instructions; process magazines and newspapers
  6. Process interlibrary loan requests
  7. Answer the phone
  8. Process all materials
  9. Identify and repair damaged material
  10. Catalog and weed the collection; advise director of the need to replace high circulation titles in poor condition
  11. Maintain the shelves in “reading order” by author or Dewey number
  12. Register new patrons
  13. Assist the public with the use of computers and other equipment
  14. Notify librarian when supplies need reordering
  15. Prepare and deliver mail to the post office and for van delivery
  16. Process overdue notices
  17. Complete assignments of librarian as needed

B. Budgets, Reports, Statistics

  1. Tabulate end of the day statistics
  2. Assist the director in keeping on-going library records

C. Building

  1. Keep the library in good order
  2. Water the plants
  3. Lock up the building at the end of the day

D. Public Relations

  1. Help to make displays, bulletin board themes, outside window displays, and lobby window displays
  2. Book the community room and study rooms for individuals and groups
  3. Maintain acceptable quiet and order in the library
  4. Be courteous and responsive to the public

E. Professional

  1. Aide must work assigned schedule, make own arrangements for a substitute, and notify the librarian of the change
  2. Submit hours worked to librarian bi-weekly to meet city payroll schedule
  3. Get approval from the librarian of upcoming vacation days at least two weeks prior to time off
  4. Notify the librarian of sick and emergency leave as soon as possible
  5. If possible, make medical appointments on non-working days
  6. Be willing to attend appropriate support staff workshops
  7. Library aide may take library related classes for credit; paid time for actual class or workshop and mileage as determined by the library trustees
  8. This job includes evening and Saturday work.

Supervisor: Library Director.

Physical Demands: Good health as necessary to perform above mentioned duties.

Qualifications: The library aide must have good typing skills and be able to use a computer. Aide must be willing to learn to operate equipment and computer programs. This individual must be willing to learn the library cataloging system. Library aide must be able to use basic reference sources in order to answer patron reference questions.

Working conditions: Robey Memorial Library is a modern, handicapped accessible, well-lit, temperature controlled, and smoke free environment.

Personnel Policies and Benefits for Library Aide Position: This is a summary, not an official listing of benefits. For details, see the Office of the City Clerk, Waukon, IA as the benefits are identical to policies and benefits of the City of Waukon.

  1. IPERS
  2. FICA
  3. Worker’s Compensation
  4. Pay period is bi-weekly; paid through the office of the City Clerk. Twenty-six pay periods in one year.
  5. Grievance procedure is available from the library director or the library board.
  6. Starting salary range: based on qualifications.

I, ____________________________, have read the above job description and fully understand the conditions set forth therein, and if employed as library aide, I will perform these duties to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Date ____________ Signed ________________________________________

Adopted December, 1996
Revised October, 1998
Revised March, 2001
Revised July, 2004
Revised September, 2007
Revised July, 2010
Revised February, 2013
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