Out of State Patron Policy

Because residents of neighboring states, i.e. Wisconsin and Minnesota, do not fall into the OPEN ACCESS program, we would allow these individuals and/or families to borrow materials from Robey Memorial Library based upon the following fee structure:

  1. Individual - $20.00 per year
  2. Family - $50.00 per year
  3. Renewal fee would be due upon the expiration date of the patron’s membership.
  4. All borrowing privileges would be restricted until payment was received.
  5. Out-of-state patrons are subject to all Robey Memorial Library policies.
  6. Borrowing privileges may be rescinded by the library director for failing to follow library policies.
  7. Fees are non refundable.

Adopted July, 2002
Reviewed March, 2005
Revised May, 2008
Revised May, 2011
Revised September, 2014
Revised June, 2017
Reviewed July, 2020