Overdue Policy

The Library may charge fines or fees to encourage compliance with rules which promote fair and equal access to resources.

  1. It is the responsibility of the library patron to return all materials to the library on or before the due date. Fines will be assessed for all materials not returned on time. The patron is expected to pay the cost of any item lost or damaged while checked out on his/her library card.
  2. Notification by letter, phone call, email, or in person may be made for overdue materials.
  3. Under Iowa law, the library is able to pursue appropriate collection efforts. This may include collection by the law enforcement agency.
  4. Borrowing privileges and Internet access may be revoked if fines are not paid.
  5. Fine schedule:
    • 5 cents a day per item (assessed days the library is open)
    • Lost items may be assessed a non-refundable replacement cost
    • Maximum fine is $1.00 per item
    • 25¢ to replace lost or damaged library card
  6. Parents/guardians are responsible for items that their child checks out from the library.
  7. At the library director’s discretion, library fine “holidays” may be held in order to retrieve library materials. These dates shall be publicized.

Adopted January, 1997
Reviewed December, 1999
Reviewed December, 2002
Reviewed June, 2005
Revised December, 2008
Reviewed July, 2011
Reviewed January, 2015
Reviewed July, 2017
Reviewed November, 2020