RML Foundation’s Re/newal Project: Reviving Beloved Children’s Books

September 2023

The Robey Memorial Library Foundation is proud to announce the Re/newal Project. This initiative ensures that beloved children’s books, from The Adventures of Curious George to Dr. Seuss and the Disney classics, remain vibrant and accessible to new generations.

Well-loved children’s books, many of them decades old, are being gently retired, and in their place, brand new copies will appear on the shelves. These fresh editions of old favorites invite young minds to explore timeless tales with renewed enthusiasm.

Supported by local donors and dedicated volunteers, the Robey Memorial Library Foundation’s Re/newal Project is a collective effort to keep the wonders of classic children’s literature alive for future generations. It’s a celebration of the enduring power of books to ignite young imaginations.








Pictured are RML Foundation members Amanda Winters, Rita Troendle and Eva Urmanski.