Jerusalem is the universal city, the capital of two peoples, the shrine of three faiths; it is the prize of empires, the site of Judgement Day and the battlefield of today's clash of civilizations.


Engineer Marcus Attilius Primus sets out for Pompeii in an effort to fix the problems that have been plaguing the enormous aqueduct, but he soon learns there are natural & man-made forces working against him.


In this New York Times bestseller, updated for 2016, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers.


In ancient Egypt, a forgotten princess must overcome her family's past & remake history. Nefertari  catches the eye of the Crown Prince. All of Egypt opposes the union & political unrest sets the country on edge.


In an divided empire factions circle a cultured emperor who loves his gardens & his art more than the burdens of governing, leading to events no one could have foretold, under the river of stars.


A comprehensive history of archaeology--from its amateur beginnings to the cutting-edge science it is today.


Pythias & her father, Aristotle, are forced to leave Athens after the death of Alexander the Great. When they arrive in a small town & her father dies, she finds she needs all the wit & courage she owns to survive.


Leah, a young Jewess of mixed heritage, is secretly commissioned to discover the truth behind the death of an obscure rabbi in first-century Palestine while also being engulfed in her own turmoil.


Traces the stories of one hundred human innovations to explain their pivotal role in shaping civilization, from weapons and the domestication of cows to currency and music.