Joy spends her days working the graveyard shift at a store outside Boston; nursing an addiction to cough syrup to suppress her troubled past. When a deathly sickness sweeps the country, Joy, for the first time in her life, has an advantage: she is immune.


A broken man. A twist of fate. A second chance. Charles James can't shake the nightmare that wakes him each night. He sees himself walking down a long, broken highway lit in flames. Where is he going? Why is he walking? What is the wailing he hears around him?


Cross-country odyssey of a freelance journalist and his college buddy in a dilapidated 1985 Mercedes diesel station wagon powered on vegetable oil collected from restaurant grease and dumpsters along the way.


In Lisbon in 1904, Tomás discovers an old journal. It hints at the existence of an extraordinary artifact that—if he can find it—would redefine history. Traveling in one of Europe’s earliest automobiles, he sets out in search of this strange treasure.


Charles Manx is a nightmare in a 1938 Rolls Royce. He comes from a place he calls Christmasland, which is anything but a place where happy memories are made. It is the way he lures children to a horrible fate--all except one.


A guide to top-recommended United States destinations is listed in a state-by-state, A-to-Z format that reviews two hundred additional sites, includes new MapQuest road maps, and shares up-to-date tourist information.


Jack Reacher hits the pavement & sticks out his thumb. He plans to follow the sun on an epic trip across America, from Maine to California. On a country road in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been: the town where his father was born.


Carol divorced her husband twenty years ago & has never looked back. John barges back into her life with a request that threatens the life she has built. He needs her help to make amends. They embark on a decades-overdue road trip which may ultimately set them free.


Tells the story of Chris McCandless, a twenty-four-year-old who walked into the Alaskan wilderness on an idealistic journey and was found dead of starvation four months later. Attempts to discover what led the young man to that point.