Community Room Policy

The Robey Memorial Library Board of Trustees, as an additional service to the community makes the community rooms and facilities available at no charge for use by groups and committees. The Board invites any group of citizens, whose purpose is not illegal and whose conduct is not objectionable, to meet in the library community rooms, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Request to reserve the community room shall be made by an adult (age 18) not more than six months in advance.
  2. No group of a commercial nature or any group conducting same may use the facilities. The exception to this rule is book signings and sales.
  3. The community rooms are not available when the library is closed. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director and the Board of Trustees.
  4. When the group leaves, the person who signs in shall be responsible for turning off the lights and making sure the library entrance door is closed.
  5. The rooms are to be left in its original condition. The person who signs in shall be held responsible for problems or costs resulting from the specified use. All tables, chairs, and other equipment must be returned to their original position following the use of the rooms. The rooms must be left clean and in good order. Groups will accept responsibility for the repair or replacement of damaged or missing facilities or equipment. The library reserves the right to assess a cleaning or labor charge if necessary.
  6. The library has the right to limit the number of times an organization may reserve the rooms.
  7. No group may charge a fee to persons attending activities in the community rooms. The exception to this rule is someone working with students for educational (not commercial purposes), e.g. tutoring, GED classes.
  8. Children’s groups must be supervised by an adult sponsor. The library staff is not responsible for supervising children.
  9. Use of the community rooms shall not interfere with the normal use and management of the main library. Library programs and library related programs have priority in the use of the facility even if this means canceling an already scheduled room reservation.
  10. The library board reserves the second Tuesday of every month for its own meetings.
  11. Room occupancy:
    Large room with tables/chairs – 78; chairs only – 160
    Small room with tables /chairs – 16; chairs only – 30.
  12. Smoking or use of tobacco in any form is not permitted in the community room or library. No alcohol or controlled substances may be consumed on the premises.
  13. No meals or foods other than beverages may be prepared in the community room. No meals may be served; light lunches or snacks are permitted. You must provide your own dishes and equipment. A coffee pot is provided. All equipment must be left clean and in good order.
  14. Use of materials on walls, or decorations, is prohibited without specific approval of the library director.
  15. The fact that a group meets in the library does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.
  16. Individuals will be encouraged to make use of the study rooms.
  17. The library director is authorized to deny permission to use the library community room to any group or individual that is disorderly in any way, or that violates these regulations.

Adopted July, 1995
Reviewed October, 1999
Reviewed October, 2005
Revised December, 2008
Revised March, 2011
Revised February, 2014
Revised August, 2014
Revised October 2016

Reviewed November 2019
Reviewed November 2022